Engineering Insurance

What can be insured?

Job of civil technique in accordance with contract of cooperation between building owner and main contractor, such as: primary project; temporary project; job of preparation; materialses that used; debris removal; third party liability; heavy equipments and machines that help project execution. This risks exists under Contractors' All Risk policy. Whereas at Erection All Risk, that can be insured, for example: the following machines its equipments, transportation fee or import cost; installation expense; expense of removal debris.

Any risks covered?

Loss that experienced by project owner during process of development sipil technical infrastructure effect, for example: natural disaster; fire; explosion; theft is entered theft by force; worker negligence; less qualify of its worker; the usage of wrong materials. This risk is included in Contractors' All Risk policy. Whereas risk of machine installation activity is covered under Erection All Risk policy, where risks that covered basically much the same to with risks at Contractors' All Risk and added with risk of short circuit and falling object that will be insured.

Any risks that not covered?

Risks that not covered for example: war and other same thing; nuclear reaction; intention or negligence intentional; planning mistake; job thrift either through entire or some of; development; stock, cash, picture or ichnograph; lose of profit expected.

Whoever that need this product?

Company or individual that will do job of civil technique and also machines installation and its equipments, project owner, supplier or factory of machine maker / equipments that will be attached.

Any Factor that influence premium rate?

Project Type, project location, executor of contractor, owner, condition of project environment, opportunity of accident happens, duration of project solution, equipments or machine that will be attached.

How calculate insurance premium?

Premium = Total Sum Insured (TSI) x premium tarrif (%).

Electronic Equipment Insurance

Electronic Equipment insurance gives protection to electronic goods and its supply from unforeseen risks.

Any that can be insured in Asuran Electronic Equipment Insurance?

Electronic Equipments/technique (broadcasting peripheral, TV, computer, medical equipments, etc.)

System that designed with electronic components / technique

Any risks covered?

Natural disaster




Robbery Theft

Wrong raft

Wrong Design

Component Damage

Risk that in character unforeseen

Any risks that not covered?

War or rebellion

Nuclear reaction/radioactive

Intentional Negligence

Riot, strike, devilment

Whoever that need this product?

Supplier, electronic factory of goods maker

Electronic goods Owner

Installation Executor

Factors that influence rate (premium tarrif) :

Goods Type

Goods Condition

Location/goods position

Environment Condition about/around