Standard Motor Car Insurance

What can be insured?

bike (motor bike, scooter) or car (sedan, minibus, jip, truck) including accessories or addition supply that patch at vehicle referred [as].

Insured risk

In accordance with Polis Standar Kendaraan Bermotor Indonesia that published by Dewan Asuransi Indonesia, this policy guarantees loss or motor vehicle damage that caused for example by: collision, returned entered also effect of significant mistake, construction, handicap by it self; others devilment; theft is entered theft that preceded or accompanied by force or threat; fire; thunder; damage during vehicle in crossing use ferry that managed by directorate general Perhubungan Darat; wheel damage that result accident; towing car.

In other hand, motor vehicle insurance policy also cover third party liability, where third party experiences of loss that directly caused by motor vehicle insured. Loss that suffered third party can be in the form of property damage or body injure or death. Risk that covered is case expense or lawyer expense agreed-on in advance by insurance company.

Riot risk or strike and other same thing are notcovered in standard risk. if interested then you must ask extension cover to the this risk. Otherwise, then damage or loss of riot consequence or strike will not be cover.

Base on type of covered, motor vehicle insurance haves 2 types of insurance. First is A total loss or Total Loss Only, and second is comprehensive.

A total loss cover that means if vehicle loses stolen or vehicle experiences of accident which its cost of repair are predicted minimize 75 percentage of vehicle price.

Risk covered

There is no insurance that can cover all motor vehicle risks, although even also condition is comprehensive. Risks that not covered mentioned clearly at policy requirement, for example: lose advantage during vehicle can not be used accident consequence; loss of embezzlement consequence; loss of or destroy its addition equipments or non standard that not mentioned in policy compendium; devilment consequence that conducted by the insured or the insured family; vehicle is used for instruction drive or race or carnival, or act badness; over load; driver not had SIM or impinged traffic rules; load goods in vehicle; natural disaster consequence or war and other same thing.

Whoever that need this product?

Every individual or company that have importance to the motor vehicle that insured like: owner, iodger, bank or financial institution of credit giver.

Any Factor that influence premium rate?

The amount of premium is determined by two primary factors.

  1. Wide guarantee, that is what/wheter comprehensivef or A total loss.

  2. The usage of vehicle, what/wheter for the sake of person or rented.

Special for truck, level of premium is determined by capacities of truck haulage . For certain cases other factor that can also influence premium is previous loss note and vehicle age.

How calculate insurance premium?

Premium is generally calculated during a one year (12 month) with formula:

Total Sum Insured (TSI)* x premium rate (percent).


Otomate is the new vehicle insurance from ACA with additional facility such as replacement car, Road Side Assistance, New for Old and other facility.

Road Side Assistance is facility to help customer ACA on the spot in the situation of emergency including vehicle damage, with helped by technician Road Side Assistance ACA.

Protection including :

a. Totally Protection to the damage/loss of your vehicle because collision, theft or other traffic accident
b. Riot and strike
c. Flood
d. Earthquake
e. Third party Legal responsibility up to Rp. 20.000.000,-
f. Personal Accident of driver and passenger : Rp. 10.000.000,-/people (max.8 people, only death)

Temporary, otomate only available at jabotabek, Sukabumi*, Bandung & Semarang

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