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ACA Workshop List (Update Feb 2016) 

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ACA Motor Assistance

ACA Motor Assistance is special service that reserved for product of Otomate. Aca Motor Assistance helps Anda overcomes car walkouts or accident that happened midway. By contact ACA Motor Assistance, we immediately come help you Our Service covers:

  • Emergency repair
    If an accident occurred or machine broke down on your car when ridden, ACA MOTOR ASSISTANCE will contact the nearest workshop in order to deliver its mechanic to repair.

  • Towing car
    If an accident occurred or machine broke on your car machine broken when ridden and damage is referred as irreparable direct at the time, ACA MOTOR ASSISTANCE will arrange towing car to tow the car to nearest workshop or workshop that you select or to directly to your residency.

  • Replacement Car
    If your car accident have to be repaired for more than 48 hours since the car arrived at the workshop, ACA MOTOR ASSISTANCE will arrange and pay for the provision of a replacement car. This assistance will end if your car has been repaired or the cost of providing replacement car had reached up to 5 x 24 hours.

  • Ambulans
    In the event of accident to your car and must repaired during more than 48 hour, ACA MOTOR ASSISTANCE will provide substitution car. This facility will end if your car has finished repaired or the expense of substitution car delivery has reached until 5 x 24 hour. Ambulance In the event of accident to your car, ACA MOTOR ASSISTANCE will arrange and pay for expense of ambulance to transport driver and or passenger in vehicle to nearest hospital.

  • General Information
    ACA MOTOR ASSISTANCE also provides address information and hospital call-number, police office and opening workshops.

Thus, if you face of accident, contacts 24 hours service center of ACA Motor Assistance immediately give information as follows:

  • Name and number/period of your ACA MOTOR ASSISTANCE
  • Vehicle Type and vehicle plate number.
  • Location of occurrence and if enable your call number that can be contacted.
  • Location and workshop call number if car your already towed to workshop.
  • Summary Explanation about emergency condition that experienced.

Pusdiklat ACA

Jalan Raya Puncak No. 22, Ciloto - Jawa Barat
Telp : 0263-519903-6
Fax : 0263-519902
Email :

Besides provide insurance products, ACA also haves training center fasility including healthy resort that called Pusat Pendidikan and Pelatihan Asuransi (Pusdiklat) that at Puncak, West Java, around 75 km from Jakarta or 100 km from Bandung. If you come from Jakarta, then location Pusdiklat resides in left side street and distance more or less 4 km from Puncak Pass.

This facility can you exploits if want to perform seminar, training, brief courses and other kind of activities at the same time breath in fresh air mountain, or to rest at the end of week with family.

Convention room

Pusat Pendidikan Asuransi Ciloto, we provide 6 convention rooms with various of sizes to the needs of Anda, begin at :

  • Salak room 1 and 2 that 3 – 12 people
  • Papandayan room, 1 and 2 that 5 – 20 people
  • Auditorium Pangrango with capacity 20 – 85 people
  • Krakatau Audiotorium, with capacity 45 – 200 people


After pass long day full seminar, meeting, training or tiring other agendas in our convention room, or for you that wish for a moment secede from tired activity at the end of week, we provide 4 room types that you can select to rest, that is :

  • 32 Standard room– Single Occupancy
  • 2 Superior room -Double
  • 1 Suite room
  • 1 Presidential Suite room

Other facility

To complete your healthy, Pusdiklat ACA Ciloto are equipped also with various of facilities, that is :

  • Kafe de Asuransi
  • Pusat Kebugaran Sangkuriang
  • Karaoke
  • laundry
  • etc

Meanwhile if your hobby is reading, you can gratify your hobby in Pustakaloka that provide various of books, newspaper and magazine from within and overseas. You even also can for a moment visit Museum Batutulis for in a flash see history of growth length PT. Asuransi Central Asia since founded until now.

Information and Booking

For more information and booking, please call : Mr Agus (0263-519903).

Corporate Social Responsibilities

As the Company social responsibility to the society, ACA have been conducting apprenticeship program (Program Magang) and Insurance Goes to Campus (IGTC). Program Magang is an education program that is designed to produce employees that can support the quality improvement both for company and industry. Whereas IGTC is an effort in human resource development for Indonesia to create awareness in the insurance industry, through introduction of insurance industry to schools and colleges.

Besides that, ACA had also launched micro insurance products that can be accessed by all layers of the community both in terms of affordability and convenience of purchase. Some of them are Dengue Fever Insurance (ADB), Pas Mudik and so forth. In light of the various activities conducted by ACA in the CSR program, the Company received the CSR Award in 2010 from the Seputar Indonesia newspaper.

To maintain the business continuity and growth of the company, ACA is committed to provide the best service to our customers. The commitment is realized through the re-engineering of our organizational structure focusing on giving priority to customer satisfaction, a wide and convenient network, evaluation and measurement of customer satisfaction and the 24 hours Hotline service.

ACA is committed to implement the Good Corporate Governance (GCG) initiatives to ensure sustainable business success. It is necessary considering the risks and challenges faced by this growing industry. Moreover, GCG initiatives is also in line with the corporate compliance in UU No. 40 in 2007 for limited companies and PP No. 39 in 2008 concerning the second amendment of PP No. 73 in 1992 on the Administration of Insurance Business.

Corporate Governance covers areas of:

  • Duties and responsibilities for Board of Commissioner and Board of Directors.
  • Resources for the execution of the functions of the various committees and business units.
  • Application of compliance function, internal and external auditing.
  • Application of risk management, including internal control systems.
  • Company Strategic Business Plan
  • Transparency in financial transactions.

To optimize the implementation of good corporate governance, ACA has reinforced its current infrastructure, carried out internal restructuring, improved internal controls, processes and functions, reviewed and improved its systems and procedures to support an effective good corporate governance compliance.

ACA Brochure

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For more information, please contact our hotline ( 021 - 31999100 )

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Asuransi Rumah Idaman

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