marine Cargo Insurance

What can be insured?

Merchandise Goods, machine,raw material, or other importance that will be loaded pass by air transport or sea or land. Be side that freight even also can be insured and expected advantage (imaginair profit).

Any risks covered?

Loss to the goods that transported from place to place that caused by sliped vehicle transports or exits from rel. Special vehicle transports by boat, loss that experienced goods owner can be caused by: fire, aground, sink, or returned of vehicle transports with object besides the water; goods unloading in port of distress; general average: dismissal or thown goods to sea; earthquake,volcanic, thunder and other same thing.

Any risks that not covered?

Risks that not covered for example: loss or damage that caused by the insured intention; normal condition like leakage, dwindle weight or dwindle content, worn and tear; packing not standard; improper of vehicle transports operate; war and other same thing; strike, chaos etc.

Whoever that need this product?

Company or individual mobile in the field of import exporting or have effort in the field of commerce and also industry.

Any Factor that influence premium rate?

Type of transportation vehiclel, goods type, opportunity the happening of accident, risk that will be insured, transportation time, location that will be gone to or passed by and departure location with inter island region in

How calculate insurance premium?

Premium can be calculated with formula = Total Sum Insured (TSI) x rate (in percent) every once transportation. The sum of premium depend on the to wide cover that selected the insured.