property Insurance

What's can be insured?

Good and chattel for example building, furniture, house supply, machine, merchandise, raw material inventory or finished goods, etc.

Insured Risk

In accordance with Polis Standar Kebakaran Indonesia that published by Dewan Asuransi Indonesia, this policy covers standard risk , that is fire, thunder, explosion, smoke, and because of downfall of plane. Beside that you even also can apply to extend standard risk for example riot, landslide, flood, expense of debris sweeping.

Uninsured risk

There is no insurance that can cover all risks. At fire insurance policy, risks that not covered mentioned at policy requirement, for example fire or explosion from arising out fire by it self (self combustion), short circuit, damage because of war, foreign enemy action and other activity other same thing, reaction or nuclear radiation or radio-activity contamination, intentional deed.

Who did need this product?

Every individual or company that have importance to the property that insured like: owner, iodger, bank or financial institution of credit giver.

Any Factor that influence premium rate?

occuptaion or the usage of building, class of building construction, opportunity happens accident, situation around or building site, loss note that ever happened.

How calculate insurance premium?

Premium is generally counted/calculated during a one year (12 month) with formula: Total Sum Insured (TSI) x premium rate.
TSI is assesses property that will be insured, excluding land price.


Bulglary Insurance begins from extension of fire insurance cover. Until now one of requirement to cover bulglary insurance that building that contain good has been covered beforehand by fire insurance.

What's can be insured?

Furniture and supply private like computer, television, radio, or article of furniture, or special supply besides furniture or piano. Every good and chattel that will be insured obliged to given detail explanation, for example: brand, type, year of manufacuturer, price, unit amount. This. This Detail is very needed either by client or insurance party. Why? If bulglary happened then customer will be easy to submit claim.

Any risks covered?

Loss of goods of theft consequence that preceded violence action or constraint or followed by mutilation to building. In other hand, covered also destroy its goods or building of violence action consequence are referred as.

Any risks that not covered?

Risks that not covered for example: loss or damage that caused by action of the insured family member or people that employ at the insured; loss that can be insured pass by fire insurance or glass insurance; share, bank note, document and other same thing, unless expressed expressly in policy schedule; war, riot and other same thing.

Whoever that need this product?

Company or individual that have insured its building with fire insurance policy. Building of object treasure-house that insured exists can be in the form of house building, office, telephone-shop, warnet, garmen factory or other effort place.

Any Factor that influence premium tariff?

Location and the usage of building; building situation for example what/wheter dwelt or more remained its dweller; environment situation; loss of robbery consequence or unloading that ever happened; type and good and chattel value that will be insured and location of stock in building is referred as.

How to calculate insurance premium?
Premium = Total Sum Insured (TSI) x premium rate (in percent) every year.

Asuransi Rumah Idaman (ASRI)

ASRI - Asuransi Rumah Idaman, a complete protection for your lovely homes, with annual premium starts from Rp 100.000,- !

ASRI is a home insurance product from ACA Asuransi that protects home bulding and contents from risks such as fire, robbery, riot, third party liability, vehicle impact and natural disasters like earthquake,flood, tsunami, etc.

For more info visit:

Why ASRI-Asuransi Rumah Idaman?

1. A complete package home protection in one product!
2. Easy premium payment by ATM, credit card, mobile banking, etc
3. Proven through time for fast respond in handling and paying claims.


1. What is the difference between ASRI and other Home Insurance?

Most home insurance usually only cover standard risk such as FLEXAS (Fire, Lightning, Explosion, falling of Aircraft and Smoke). To have extended coverage such as burglary, riot, flood, etc, you must pay additional premium.

ASRI provides better assurance than a regular home insurance. ASRI protects your home from financial loss due to FLEXAS, Burglary, Rioys, and Civil Commotion, Legal Liability to third parties, etc. It also can be extended to cover typhoon, storms, flood, water damage as well as Earthquake, Vulcanic Eruption and Tsunami, subject to prior approval by ACA and pay additional premium.

2. If my Home is an ethnic style house, can it be insured by ASRI?

Ethnic-style homes can be insured by ASRI if they were constructed from fire proof materials, such as brick or concrete wall, ceramic or granite tyle, etc. However, if most of building construction were made from wood or other non fire proof materials, your home cannot be insured by ASRI.

3. I recently bought a house financed by bank loan with 10 year installment. Can I insure it with ASRI?

Generally bank would automatically insure the building. Be noted that value bank insures is equal to your debt to the bank. For example: if you take a 10 year IDR 100 million loan from bank, then at the commencement of loan period your home insured value is IDR 100 million. On the 5th year, when value of your debt left is only IDR 50 million, then value of your home insurance is also only IDR 50 million, whilst to rebuild the same building at that time, due to inflation, might have been IDR 300 million. So to maintain the right real value of your home, you can require a separate home insurance for IDR 250 million. You can also insure your home contents – for example worth IDR 50 million – in this insurance.

4. I have a 3 storey house, can it be insured by ASRI?

It can be insured as long as all building materials used are fire proof.

5. If I rent a house, can I insure it with ASRI?

Rent house can be insured, but you must state the name of the owner as well as your name in the policy.

6. In my backyard I have the water tank tower and parabolic antenna. Can they be insured?

ASRI also covers properties outside the main building, as long as they are located in insured’s premise.

7. Are plants and pets can be insured by ASRI?

Living creatures such as plants and pets are excluded by most of property insurance products, including ASRI.

8. Can I insure my apartment?

ASRI can insure your apartment’s contents, since most of apartment buildings are already insured by the landlord.

9. My garage is used as a small shop. Can I insure it with ASRI?

ASRI is designed to insure building used only as dwelling / residential house. If some parts of your house is used for other occupation, such as stall or canteen, it can’t be insured by ASRI.

10. I have a car that more often parked in the garage than driven on road. Can it be insured by ASRI?

Cars and other kind of vehicles can not be insured by ASRI since there is motor vehicle insurance products that are more proper for these items.

11. Can I insure art or antique items?

Neither art and antique items can not be insured since it is difficult to calculate their market values.

Following is list of ASRI coverage :

Fire, Lightning, Explotion, Falling of Aircraft, Smoke (FLEXAS) 100% of TSI Nill
Riot, Strike, Malicious Damage, Civil Commotion 100% of TSI 10% of claim payable,
min IDR 10 million
Terrorism and Sabotage 20% of TSI, max Rp 100 million 15% of claim payable
Burglary 100% of SI Content 5% of claim amount,
min IDR 500.000,-
Third Party Liability 20% of TSI Nill
Accidental Death – following risk insured IDR 5 million / accident for max 5 persons Nill
Medical expenses due to accident – following risk insured IDR 1 million / person / year for
Max 5 persons
Temporary Accommodation cost IDR 300.000,-/ day,
max IDR 9.000.000,-
(30 days)
Cost of architects, surveyor and consultants 5% of TSI Nill
Fire brigade Expenses 5% of TSI Nill
Vehicle impact 10% of TSI Nill
Removal of Debris 10% of TSI Nill
Typhoon, Storm, Flood, Water Damage 100% of TSI 10% of claim amount
Earthquake, Volcanic Eruption, Tsunami 100% of TSI 2,5% of TSI

Asuransi Toko

Kelangsungan usaha Anda diperoleh dengan perjuangan dan modal yang tidak sedikit. Jangan biarkan musibah yang tidak Anda harapkan menghancurkan semua kerja keras dan impian Anda. Lindungi usaha Anda dengan Asuransi Toko dari ACA.



Apa saja yang dijamin?

  • Kebakaran, petir, ledakan, kejatuhan pesawat terbang, dan asap.
  • Santunanatas gangguan operasional usaha.
  • Kehilangan uang.
  • Kerugian akibat pengangkutan barang.
  • Asuransi kecelakaan diri selam jam kerja.
  • Biaya pengobatan akibat kecelakaan.

Manfaat Tambahan?

  • Biaya arsitek, surveyor, dan konsultan
  • Biaya Dinas Kebakaran
  • Barang Selama berada dalam kendaraan
  • Biaya pembersihan puing
  • Akibat tertabrak kendaraan
  • Bebas penilaian nilai jumlah pertanggungan atas klaim yang terjadi
  • Penggantian yang dibayarkan tanpa depresiasi (reinstatement)
  • Setelah klaim nilai polis dipulikan secara otomatis
  • Bebas prorate

Untuk informasi lebih lengkap silahkan kunjungi

FAQ Asuransi Toko

Toko seperti apa yang bisa dilindungi dengan Asuransi Toko?

Asuransi Toko terbuka bagi semua jenis toko, baik toko-toko yang berada di pasar, toko yang berdiri sendiri maupun yang menyatu dengan rumah tinggal.

Persyaratan apa yang harus dipenuhi untuk melindungi toko dengan Asuransi Toko?

Toko yang akan diasuransikan memiliki karakteristik bangunan kelas I, dimana bangunan toko sebagian besar terbuat dari bahan tahan api (beton dan permanen). Penggunaan bangunan di sekitar toko, juga merupakan toko maupun rumah tinggal.

Bagaimana pengajuan klaim Asuransi Toko?

Pengajuan klaim Asuransi Toko sangat mudah. Anda bisa menghubungi layanan HOTLINE ACA 24 JAM di 021-31 999 100 maupun melalui kantor-kantor ACA di seluruh Indonesia.

Berapa Lama Penggantian Klaim Asuransi Toko?

ACA akan memberikan jaminan penggantian klaim Asuransi Toko selambat-lambatnya 14 hari kerja setelah dokumen yang dibutuhkan telah dilengkapi oleh Tertanggung.

Berapa suku premi (rate) Asuransi Toko?

Suku premi ShopSafe per tahun adalah 2 per mil untuk toko & 3 per mil untuk restoran

Bagaimana menghitung premi Asuransi Toko?

Untuk menghitung premi yang harus Anda bayarkan adalah sebagai berikut :Misalkan Jumlah Nilai Pertanggungan (JNP) toko Anda beserta nilai isi tokonya adalah Rp 1 miliar. Besar preminya adalah nilai JNP toko Anda dikalikan dengan rate Asuransi Toko. Maka premi per tahunnya adalah sebagai berikut:

Rp x 2%o = Rp 2.000.000*

*belum termasuk biaya administrasi polis

Adakah jaminan uang kembali ?

ACA akan memberikan jaminan uang kembali selambat-lambatnya 30 hari setelah Tertanggung menerima polis dan jika Tertanggung keberatan atas isi perjanjian di dalam polis tersebut. Namun ACA tidak mengembalikan premi jika tidak ada klaim hingga akhir periode polis.